Quality Policy

Leadership Responsibility

The Leadership of EEM is committed to satisfying customer (owners, ship managers and ship operators) and contracted mariners needs and expectations, achieving excellence in our internal processes through the implementation and continuous improvement of our processes and demonstrating those principles visibly and complying with applicable rules, regulations and conventions.

This is done by:

  1. Ensuring that our officials, representatives and staff become familiar with mariner requirements and expectations through direct communications with them and through internal communications in our organization,
  2. Ensuring that any legal or regulatory requirement is known and considered during the process of serving our mariners and in conducting Agency business,
  3. Establishing a Quality Policy and Quality Objectives and ensuring that the Organization understands and is motivated towards compliance,
  4. Establishing a yearly routine of reviewing the key aspects of our MLC compliance system during Executive Board Reviews to ensure that it is accurately reflective of our processes and continues to be suitable to our Quality Policy and Objectives, and
  5. Providing adequate resources and work environment to ensure that our personnel can fulfill assigned tasks effectively and efficiently.

Quality Policy

The Leadership of EEM has established and promulgates the following Quality Policy in accordance with MLC requirements and such as is appropriate to ensuring that our processes and activities meet the needs of our mariners and employers on a continuing basis.


Eagle Eye Marine, is wholly committed to providing superior service to our customers and mariners, providing them with excellent job and career opportunities at a fair wage, and protecting their interests in accordance with the requirements of collective bargaining agreements, our procedures, Shipping Rules and the provisions of the  Maritime  Labor Convention. We are also committed to providing credentialed and trained crews in accordance with regulatory and employer requirements in a timely and professional manner.

We affirm that there shall be no charges to the seafarer for recruitment and placement services and that no means, mechanisms or lists intended to prevent or deter our members from gaining employment for which they are qualified will be used by our Agency. Our goal is to be known as a World-Class provider of excellent jobs for our customers and for highly qualified seafarers by our contracted employers. We will abide by applicable rules, regulations and conventions and seek to continuously improve our internal processes to achieve these stated goals.