EEM GM moderated a webinar

TLr magazine is organizing a webinar on Friday June 5, 2020 under the theme: « Intelligence in logistics, is it a necessity or just a role? »

Four panelists from different positions will take part in the debate to address the issue from different angles:

Rachid Tahri, President of the Moroccan Observatory for Logistics Competitiveness (OMCL). He is also the president of the Association of Freight Forwarders in Morocco (AFFM) and a member of the logistics committee at CGEM.

Mohamed Talal, CEO of La Voie Express, active in messaging and logistics, who chaired the logistics commission at CGEM

Sanaa Hassini, Vice President of the Moroccan Logistics Association (AMLOG).

Ahmed Loukili, Teacher, trainer and researcher.

The webinar will be moderated by Hammou Jdioui, director of Eagle Eye Marine and editor of TLr magazine. He will ask several questions to the speakers around the subject ranging from the concept of intelligence from a theoretical point of view to the role of the OMCL in collaboration and the sharing of indicators between stakeholders, including the use of information. intelligence as strategy or its differentiation with governance.

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