Our company

EAGLE EYE MARINE (EEM) is a manning and crewing agency which activity is to recruit, train and place mariners including workers in the deck, engine and steward departments. EEM Customers (the employers) are shipowners, Ship operators, Ship managers and also other manning agencies who need its services to place seafarers aboard a wide variety of vessels, including: commercial vessels, fishboats, tugboats, dredges, passenger ships, barges, service vessels and platforms at sea.

Our Group

Eagle Eye is a group of companies active in the field of marine and shipping Business

Eagle Eye Marine is a crewing company. For the moment it it is offering crewing and recruitment services.

Caplines is a shipping and forwarding company

X Press Coverage is a Transportation and Express deliveries company

Eagle Eye Communications is dedicated to two activities:

The edition of a specialized magazine and web sites in the field of maritime and logistics business. It has a montly magazine under the name of TLr (which stands for Transport and Logistic review)

The web site URL is: www.tlr.ma

The second activity is « Training » offering tailored solution of training in the Marine and transportation business in general. Some modules are consecrated for developping soft skills in management, team building, communication skills…